Learn about a pilot process for Complete Streets implementation undertaken by a citizen led committee who developed an outreach campaign engaging residents in an underserved district, along with public agencies responsible for transportation projects, to identify complete streets priorities as determined by health data, socioeconomic profiles and bike and pedestrian incident rates.

The adoption of a Complete Streets policy is only the first step in shifting transportation spending priorities and the design of projects towards a more comprehensive approach inclusive of all roadway users. Policy changes like Complete Streets take time to institutionalize.

The pilot project undertaken by the Sustainable Transportation Action Committee (STAC) in Baton Rouge can be used as a model to define community priorities, identify areas that can benefit most from safer streets, and foster collaboration among Complete Streets stakeholders.

By zeroing in on a "test" process within a target area and exploring Complete Streets implementation action steps, the process provided an arena for discussion about barriers and opportunities related to health, mobility and transit access. The collaborative process was helpful in promoting an integrated planning and design approach that includes thinking of how every element of the roadway – streets, utilities, sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting, transit stops, bike facilities – need to function in coordination for the safety and accessibility of all users.



  • Denise Bottcher, State Director (AARP Louisiana)

  • Rachel DiResto, Executive Vice President (Center for Planning Excellence)

  • Lynn Maloney-Mujica, Senior Environmental Scientist / Planner (ELOS Environmental, LLC)

  • Jeanne George, AARP Volunteer & Co-Chair STAC Committee (AARP Louisiana)

  • Donna Collins-Lewis, Metro Council Member & Co-Chair STAC Committee (Council District 6)

    • Tuesday, April 3 (10:15am - 11:45am)


The Collaborative Complete Streets Implementation Approach

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