The objective of our session will be to explore ideas and characteristics of tactical urbanism and the valuable role that engaging public art plays when included in a holistic process. The session will define the varying type, scale and role of enhancements that fall within the broader category of tactical urbanism. Tactical urbanism can be defined as low-cost, temporary, quickly implementable enhancements to the public realm. The true potential of tactical urbanism is to create better spaces and streets that respond to the goals of the public. The results utilize improved and complete streets which in turn fosters greater activation of these public spaces and leads to long term health and safety benefits. 

This session will show how including artists and collaborating with groups promoting cultural programs and design at from the earliest stages of design can create more meaningful and valuable spaces for the community. Our panel includes a member who is a working artist, art administrator, and independent public art consultant and brings with her years of experience and vast knowledge of such projects and process. This experience includes an active implementation in working with other members of the panel to execute one of the recently implemented streetscape improvements that will be discussed as part of the session.



  • Jonathan Flynt, Associate (Looney Ricks Kiss)

  • Daniel Ashworth, Design Associate (Alta Planning + Design)

  • Catherine Pena, Founder (Collabortory)

  • Dane Forlines, Program Associate (Memphis Medical District Collaborative)

    • ​Wednesday, April 4 (3:45pm - 5:15pm)


Engaging People, Art and Public Space via Tactical Urbanism

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