The Glass Street Neighborhood in Chattanooga has gone through many changes over the years: from being a diverse neighborhood with streetcar service into its active commercial neighborhood center, to an economically struggling neighborhood with boarded up store fronts, struggling schools and deep issues with safety and crime. For the past ten years, many diverse groups and individuals have been working from different angles and perspectives to bring life back to the center and prosperity to the neighborhood, including the Glass House Collective, neighborhood associations, The City of Chattanooga, the Trust for Public Land, The National Park Service, Habitat for Humanity and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC).

This session will look at the remarkable impact this work by planners, activists, artists, architects, engineers, and public health officials have had on the area, and how art has served as the core mechanism for the work as an outreach tool, an expression of civic identity, a means of celebrating and gathering, a method of activating public spaces, and a creative tool to bring beauty and pride to the neighborhood. The session features diverse representation from many of the groups who have worked in and around the neighborhood. The presentations are visually oriented as the panel displays the art, events, tactical projects, and complete streets infrastructure that have been implemented.



  • Bert Kuyrkendall, P.E., Senior Transportation Engineer (Gresham, Smith and Partners)

  • Blythe Bailey, AIA, Administrator (Chattanooga Department of Transportation)

  • Nicole Lewis, Manager of Community Relations (Glass House Collective)

  • Josiah Golson, Artist (Glass House Collective)

  • Greg Heath, DHSc, MPH, Guerry Professor of Exercise Science, Health and Human Performance (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

    • Wednesday, April 4 (1:45pm - 3:15pm)


Glass Street: Using Art and Placemaking to Raise up a Neighborhood

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