A panel of 5 of community workers, advocates, and organizers describe the difference partnering with organizations, small businesses, and consultants from marginalized communities can make regarding project design, development, implementation, and maintenance. They believe quality partnerships bring authenticity to development and truly assist in creating spaces, streets, and communities that reflect the lives of those who live in project areas.



  • Nedra Deadwyler, Founder & Principal (Civil Bikes)

  • zahra alabanza, Co-Founder (Red, Bike, and Green and the Untokening)

  • Jeffrey Nolish, Mobility Advocate, Detroit, MI

  • Marian Liou, Founder & Executive Director (We Love BuHi)

  • Timberley Jones, CEO Community Outreach & Digital Marketing Expert (Spokes Digital Media)

    • Tuesday, April 3 (10:15 am - 11:45am)

Holistic Community-Centered Advocacy

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