Mobile Workshops

Monday, April 2nd: 2:30 - 5:30 pm

Meet at Hilton Garden Inn (305 Korean Veterans Blvd, Nashville, TN)

Join Nashville-based organizations, Metro Nashville Arts Commission, Conexión Américas, Nashville Civic Design CenterWalk Bike Nashville, and ULI Nashville, for Intersection's Mobile Workshops. Spaces are limited! Register here .

Placemaking in Nashville’s International Corridor

Conexión Américas

South Nashville lies just a few miles from the booming downtown of “Music City,” but for many residents it seems a world away. The area has one of the most racially and ethnically diverse populations in Tennessee, including large Somali, Kurdish, and Latino communities that run community institutions—including gathering spaces like Casa Azafrán—along their main arterial, Nolensville Pike. Nolensville Pike is a wide, high-speed road with crumbling sidewalks and an overall design that prioritizes the movement of vehicular traffic over pedestrians and cyclists. The community has experienced numerous pedestrian deaths, and suffers from high health disparities. As suburban residential development has increased, Nolensville Pike has become more congested and dangerous, and its communities have struggled to assert their identities over the roar of commuter traffic. On this tour learn how a local coalition of stakeholders have been working for three years to transform this “stroad” into a thriving Main Street and how this collaboration has resulted in a $1 million funding commitment from the city to redesign five intersections along the corridor.

Walk the Pike – Gallatin 

Walk Bike NashvilleNashville Civic Design Center

Explore one of Nashville's busiest transit corridors, Gallatin Pike, by foot and bus. Nashville's transportation system depends on pikes like Gallatin, which serve as central spines for transit, neighborhoods and businesses. These are often the busiest streets in our city and among the most deadly for those walking or biking. On this tour we'll explore how local artists and businesses are working to make Gallatin Pike a better community, how development along the pike is changing the street, and about infrastructure challenges this road presents to those walking or taking transit. A key element of the tour will include showcasing Nashville Civic Design Center's upcoming tactical urbanism project at Gallatin Triangle. We'll also discuss Nashville's upcoming $5.4 Billion Transportation Referendum, which would enable the use of local dedicated for funding for transit projects across the city, including light-rail on Gallatin.

* Please be sure to wear comfortable shoes and attire as there will be a substantial amount of walking on this tour.


Explore Art in Downtown Nashville

Metro Arts, Nashville Office of Arts & Culture

Nashville’s downtown is bustling with art and innovation. Join Metro Arts, Nashville Office of Arts & Culture and traverse downtown streets, alleys and parks to discover some of the city’s newest cultural offerings. Explore how the public and private sector alike are activating shared spaces with the some of the country’s most innovative art and artists. The tour will make stops at several large-scale public artworks as well as a museum space, galleries and murals along the way.

Mobility and Achieving the FutureVU Vision

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University is a 330-acre campus situated in Nashville’s bustling Midtown neighborhood. The university recently completed a land use plan, named FutureVU, which articulates the vision for changes to the physical space of the campus over the next 20 to 30 years in support of its academic mission. The overarching vision calls for embracing the campus as a park, prioritizing the pedestrian experience by reducing the impact of cars on campus, emphasizing sustainability, enhancing accessibility and optimizing building growth. Mobility will be a key enabler of the FutureVU vision by helping unlock Vanderbilt’s precious land for uses that further its mission of research, teaching, and discovery. During the break out session, you will hear from Vice Chancellor of Administration Eric Kopstain, who led the FutureVU initiative, about the FutureVU vision and its important connection to mobility. You will also have the opportunity to tour a tactical urbanism project created by students and staff, aimed at helping the community visualize upcoming changes to occur in Vanderbilt’s Central neighborhood as part of the FutureVU vision.

*This tour will depart at 2:45pm, space is limited!

Bike the Pike – Charlotte Ave

ULI Nashville

Bike the Pike! On a moderate bike ride, we’ll explore how Charlotte Avenue, an outdated retail and auto-dominated roadway, is transforming into a corridor that is safer, healthier, and more vibrant. We’ll see first-hand the progress being made toward enhancing connectivity along the corridor. Uncoordinated development patterns of the past are giving way to more strategic ones that offer opportunities to improve the lives of residents and business-users by creating places that contribute to healthier people and communities. Key stops along the tour will include multiple new mixed-use developments that are transforming once underutilized real estate parcels into vibrant, active and walkable neighborhoods with new housing options, healthier food and beverage retail, public art, and gathering areas for a more sustainable and interactive community.


Ride to Explore the Exponential Power of Place + Mobility in Nashville


This bicycle tour is scheduled for Monday, April 2nd, 2:30 - 5:30 pm and targeted towards conference participants who plan to attend the panel session entitled “The Exponential Power of Place + Mobility as Vehicles for Community Transformation” on Wed, April 4 at 10:15 am. This tour will explore several downtown attractions, with dedicated breaks at two of Nashville’s prominent tourist destination hubs, purposely selected to view existing conditions and implicit activities that catalyze activity in Nashville’s downtown retail and tourist districts; while exploring opportunities to create Place + Mobility systems to stimulate nearby and underutilized corridors and/or neighborhoods spaces. These two locations (Bridgestone Arena and Nissan Stadium), along with a third conceptual location (The Fairgrounds, future location for Nashville’s Major League Soccer stadium) will be explored on the ride and discussed in detail within the panel session. This ride will be limited to 20 participants and loaner bikes will be provided.


Please contact Oboi at if you would like to attend this tour.


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