State health departments are working across their states and in their local communities to promote physical activity through policy, systems, and environmental approaches aimed at long-term sustainability and broad reach. This session will include speakers from the Florida, Kansas, New York, Iowa, Hawaii, and Tennessee health departments that will discuss how they are collaborating with partners in developing and implementing Complete Street policies; creating and providing training, technical assistance, and resources to local communities; and conducting pop-up demonstration projects to promote active transportation initiatives.


Participants will learn how to work with partners and local stakeholders to improve walkability through policy changes, such as strengthening language in municipal comprehensive plans and Complete Street policies. The session will also help participants understand the elements critical to building support for walkability initiatives at the state and local level through multi-sectoral partnerships and community design interventions (such as Safe Routes to Schools, creative placemaking, and wayfinding signage) and in addressing health equity issues, from rural to urban areas and in low-income communities. This session will begin with each presenter discussing their work for the first hour, followed by a 30-minute roundtable discussion with each presenter in a separate group to discuss challenges and solutions that have worked in their states and with their local communities.



  • Margo Younger, Public Health Analyst (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

  • Jennifer Church, Community Health Promotion Section Director (Kansas Department of Health and Environment)

  • Dan French, Program Manager for Creating Healthy Schools and Communities (New York State Department of Health)

  • Mike Thompson, Commissioner's Fellow (Tennessee Department of Health)

  • Sarah Taylor Watts, Physical Activity Coordinator (Iowa Department of Health)

  • Ernie Bradley, Health and Built Environment Coordinator (Florida Department of Health

  • Danielle Schaeffner, Environmental Change Specialist (Hawaii State Department of Health)

    • ​Tuesday, April 3 (3:45pm - 5:15pm)

Statewide and Local Community Design Interventions to Increase Physical Activity and Improve Public Health

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