Your neighborhood and transportation system have a big impact on how healthy you are and how long you live. Communities that are designed to allow people to safely and easily reach their daily destinations by walking or biking often have healthier residents with longer lifespans. In this session, you’ll learn some background on why we have become so dependent on cars, the design principles that support healthy communities, hear the results of a survey for seniors about cycling, and discover how workshops focused on active living facilitate community change. A portion of this session will include an interactive section where participants will try their hand at redesign to meet the needs of active transportation travelers from 8 to 80+.



  • Kate Riordan, Active Living Program Manager (Health by Design)

  • Mike Sewell, Senior Transportation Engineer and Active Transportation Director (Gresham, Smith and Partners)

  • Carol Kachadoorian, Associate & Senior Planner (Toole Design Group)

    • ​Tuesday, April 3 (10:15am - 11:45am)

Transportation and Health: Making Cross-sector collaboration work

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