Healthy Corridors Using the Lens of Health to Reimagine Urban and Suburban Arterials 

Urban and suburban arterials exemplify some of the worst built environments for health and safety in the country, with conditions that make it challenging to walk, bike, and access healthy food, transit, jobs, medical care, and other services. The Urban Land Institute’s Healthy Corridors Project, launched in 2014, is seeking to reinvent urban and suburban arterials in healthy ways, so they better serve those who live, work, and travel along them. Learn how the project is working to bring a health lens to corridor revitalization through a discussion of project highlights and corridor case studies.



  • Sara Hammerschmidt, Senior Director (Urban Land Institute)

  • Dan Eernissee, Economic Development Manager (City of Shoreline, WA)

  • Paxton Roberts, Chief Bicycle Officer/Executive Director (BikeNWA, Bentonville)

  • John Vick, Evaluation and Assessment Director (Office of Primary Prevention, Nashville, TN)

    • ​Tuesday, April 3 (10:15 - 11:45 am)

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